Saint Astvatsatsin Church

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Saint Astvatsatsin church is situated on a ridge in the northern part of Saint Hakob church. It was built with the support of that district´s merchants under the guidence of khoja Aghajan. It was reconstructed in 1959-
1965. Saint Astvatsatsin church is smaller than Saint Hakob. Acording to deacon and historian Zaqaria this church used to be a part of Qanaqer monastery. Saint Astvatsatsin church had walls around the building, cells for monks and other edifices. Now only some signes have remained of those constructions. It is built in harmony of orange and grey tufa. Around the church there is a cemetry. Most of the khachqars in this graveyard were set in outside and inside of church walls (10-17 centuries).

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