Holy Mother of God or Black Church (Gharakilisa) Ղարաքիլիսա

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Holy Mother of God (Astvatsatsin) or Black Church (Gharakilisa) XV-XVII is situated in Vanadzor . Vanadzor is Armenia's third largest city, set in a river valley with a milder climate than that of Yerevan, and
hour and a half drive to its north. Vanadzor ( till 1935 Gharakilisa or "Black Church," till 1992 Kirovakan) is the capital of Lori Marz, Armenia's third largest city. Vanadzor's history dates back to the Bronze Age, with interesting tombs and other material finds now, in principle, housed in the local museum. The town received its name possibly as early as the 13th c, from a black stone church on a nearby hill. There is graveyard near the Church and a nice flower garden with khackars.

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